Analytics Optimisation

Have you invested in a SAP Business Intelligence (SAP BI) solution but wonder if you are getting as much from it as you should be? 

If you relate to any of these issues, then your SAP BI system could significantly benefit from an optimisation:

    • Poor user adoption: Dwindling usage of your BI solution and unwilling users
    • Time consuming: Increased effort required to utilise and maintain your BI system
    • Unresponsive: Slow data handling, with decreasing productivity of users
    • Performance issues: Problems with batch runs and data handling
    • Costly: High cost to run and maintain
    • Poor reporting: You can’t get the reports you need quickly and data quality is poor

Even the best BI solution will need to be revisited periodically if you want it to continue delivering its full value.

As your business evolves, your SAP solution needs to evolve with it, or it won’t be capable of helping you meet your targets. Or, perhaps it wasn’t set up optimally in the first place, and you haven’t been getting the value from it that you should have been right from the start.

Either way, our optimisation service can help you fully harness the value of the data in your organisation. It will allow your people to make faster, more informed decisions, ultimately resulting in a more competitive business.

We combine our business process expertise and SAP knowledge across three dimensions to help you streamline your processes and SAP solution. We can improve user experience and make sure your applications work in the most intuitive way for you users based on their roles.

Absoft delivers improvement for clients in 3 areas;

    • People: organisational structure, staff competencies, user and support permissions
    • Functional: user information requirements, data architecture, warehouse & report design
    • Technical: housekeeping policy, performance stats, database & operating system suitability

We have been working with SAP since 1991, and our experience means that we have addressed BI issues across a full range of scenarios.  We know what works, and why.

Don’t let the competition get ahead. Call in the SAP specialists and see for yourself what we can do.

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