Customs Compliance

Non-compliance with Union Customs Code (UCC) regulations could result in shipment delays and paying excise duties for duty-suspended materials, during the movement of goods across EU borders. 

New UCC regulations will affect reporting, local clearance procedures and temporary storage. Learn more about the Union Customs Code regulations discussed in our blog.

Ask yourself two questions:

    • Does my organisation move goods across EU borders?
    • Do my customs procedures comply with new UCC regulations? (effective 1st May 2016)

Track Duty-Suspended Materials from import to export

Specialist SAP consultancy Absoft has delivered process optimisation solutions which support organisations to comply with regulatory frameworks.

Our customer adopted a proactive approach to the UCC regulations and enlisted the assistance of Absoft to produce an end-to-end 'track and trace' workbench in SAP.

The solution furnishes all of the essential data that customs authorities require to satisfy themselves that the customs status, recorded against any and all stocked materials, is appropriate and justifiable.

The project involved:

    • Reviewing and classifying of all stock materials, in accordance with their import status (duty-paid or duty-suspended)
    • Reference all stock with important customs information: import license number, date, customs status (free circulating goods, inward process relief, shipwork end use).
    • Reviewing the flow of materials between the warehouse and shopfloor, from goods receipt through to shipping, to ensure all stages link with the customs department
    • Build a robust process which allows the 'track and trace' of all goods, from import to export

Our customer can now effectively use SAP to track purchase order imports, tie them to relevant import documentation, trace items to export and provide powerful reporting which satisfies the requirements of customs authorities.  

If your organisation moves goods across EU borders, contact Absoft below to discuss how we can align your SAP ERP system to adhere to the UCC framework. 

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