SAP HR & Payroll Audit

Do any of these pain points resonate with your organisation during the payroll run?

  • Employee record data issues causing problems in payroll execution
  • Dated and obsolete wage types in SAP requiring significant manual interventions
  • Time lost retrieving and interpreting time data
  • Difficulties in calculating legislative pensionable or HMRC requirements
  • Compliance issues with statutory sick or paternity pay
  • Limited time to execute quality checks on payroll outputs, e.g. RTI reconciliation
  • Insufficient breakdown of salary costs in Finance
  • Ever diminishing payroll execution “windows”

Absoft has developed a rigorous audit which can improve payroll efficiency, stability and set-up in SAP. The SAP HR & Payroll Audit provides a comprehensive review of:

  • Master Data - Review the accuracy and consistency of HR infotypes 
  • Data Maintenance - Review of active wagetypes and legislative compliance  
  • Data Collection - Review of the user-experience to capture accurate data
  • Time Evaluation - Review the time taken to collect and interpret payroll data
  • Execution – Increasing time for RTI, reconciliation processing and reporting 

Contact us to learn how our SAP HR and Payroll Audit improved efficiencies during the weekly payroll run for an organisation with over 5,000 employees.

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