SAP Offshore Decomissioning Services

Operators have a legislative and environmental obligation to restore the seabed back to its natural state, once infrastructure reaches the end of its operational life. 

With over 25 years experience in upstream oil and gas, Absoft has harnessed SAP ERP capabilities to facilitate safe, responsible and compliant offshore decommissioning programs, from cessation of production to seabed restoration.

What's included in our SAP offshore decommissioning service?:

    • Tax Re-structuring - Company code data migration
    • Project Management - Planning and scheduling manpower, materials, lifting ops and vessels
    • Inspection - Ensuring pipes and tanks are cleansed of hazardous residual waste
    • Dismantling – Cold cutting for largescale removal of topsides and subsea infrastructure
    • Dangerous Good Management – Compliant packaging, labelling and disposal
    • Outbound Logistics – Ensuring materials are delivered to the right place at the right time
    • Inbound Logistics – Ensuring all rental equipment is returned to the vendor 
    • Investment Recovery – Returning equipment for refurbishment, restock and reuse
    • Audit Trails – Documenting the decommissioning process to recover costs from JV partners   

These solutions enable Operators to comply with oil and gas specific regulations such as: The Petroleum Act (1998), The Energy Act (2008) and DECC’s Offshore Decommissioning Unit, including adherence with international guidelines for environmental protection, such as OSPAR.

For more information about how we can support your offshore decommissioning processes, talk to the SAP specialists about our range of solutions and services for efficient operations.

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