About the partners

AB2 (Squared)is a partnership between two SAP Consultancies, Absoft and Abaco, dedicated to assisting UK companies to implement and realise the full potential of the SAP S/4HANA solution. 

Learn more about each of the partners below:


Absoft is a leading SAP® consultancy, uniquely combining business process and expertise to deliver best practice solutions since 1991. Absoft are an end-to-end consultancy dedicated towards augmenting SAP solutions for any business, in any industry.

With project experience in over 44 countries worldwide, Absoft has an unrivalled track record, with their consultants offering a wide range of SAP technical experience and functional knowledge across multiple sectors. Absoft's first customer is still a customer over 25 years later.

Whilst Absoft's project experience is broad, the company offers a dedicated and personalised service.  Absoft do not offshore their business and the same consultants work alongside customers for the duration of the project.  

Absoft website: www.absoft.co.uk


Established in 2004, Abaco is one of the largest Portuguese companies to implement SAP ERP systems. With an impressive track record of SAP S/4HANA® implementations throughout Europe and Latin America, Abaco has developed more than 300 SAP projects globally. 

Deploying SAP into 35 countries worldwide, Abaco has a strong record of delivering into small and medium enterprise companies. Abaco presents itself as one of the largest Value Added Resellers of SAP at the national level, and a Gold Partner since 2008. The activity, supported by over 200 consultants with extensive experience, focuses on four areas: outsourcing, training , maintenance and implementation of projects. 

Abaco invests in the knowledge of its consultants, most of whom are certified in SAP solutions. They are knowledgeable about the specifics of the main business sectors, providing added value in process redesign and working as business consultants.

Abaco website: http://abaco-consultores.com/en/home-en/