Thinking of changing your SAP Support Partner – What’s holding you back?

SAP You know that your company's SAP system is the beating heart of the business, and there's no doubt that such a wide-ranging system needs to run flawlessly, 24/7/365.

That's why Absoft has made it our goal to ensure that we've created a straightforward, supportive SAP transition methodology; guaranteed to manage a shift in provider without any confusion and putting your IT and senior management teams minds at rest.



Transition Plan


We focus on our customers and any required partners or stakeholders to develop a process that genuinely meets the needs of the users - rather than creating a duplicate of any existing service.

Critically, we assign a dedicated Transition Manager to all new customers. That named contact will be responsible for delivering the successful transition into Absoft support, using rigorous project management methodology and with great attention to risk management.

A solid Transition Plan is vital to ensure a smooth move into a new operational support service - one which allows SAP to meet your required needs from day one, whilst mitigating the risk of disruption to your end-users. The plan will cover key aspects of information gathering; getting to know you and your systems, as well as disseminating the information amongst Absoft consultants who will provide the transition - and on-going - support. This fundamental foundation is the beginning of a successful SAP support experience.

We suggest a typical transition period lasts for approximately 4 weeks end to end. This includes everything from access requirements to the eventual provision of any technical input required to enable remote SAP support. However, this process has been accelerated in the past, to sync with specific client schedules.

Due to our experience, we have a suite of Transition Plans and methods at our fingertips. However, we are also conscious that each customer profile is different, and we will tailor your transition planning process to guarantee it's fit for purpose. Best pracitce and lessons learned from previous transitions are factored into every support transition, whilst making bespoke adjustments for each customer's landscape and change management procedures.



Knowledge Transfer


Our in-depth planning stage means that your Absoft consultants become experts on the topic of you and your SAP system.

A huge amount of knowledge is gathered in those first few weeks, and once that has been completed, we share that acquired knowledge with the wider Absoft support team. That way, each of Absoft's consultants can deliver a seamless quality of support once the transition goes "live".

How do we do this? Firstly, we make all system and process documentation available to all our support consultants via our secure, internal directories.

Secondly, Absoft's Transition and Service Delivery Managers ensure that the Absoft support team has reviewed all available documentation and attended an internal knowledge sharing session. The wider support ream can ask any questions or clarify any points at this stage to ensure there are no gaps in their knowledge.

Thirdly, the Absoft consultants who undertake your initial knowledge transfer will also complete Absoft's template documentation to ensure that all required knowledge is captured.

In other words, we're making sure every peice of relevant information is available to your enitre support team. And that's the secret to a successful SAP transition process.



Our Transition Team is highly compreshensive - probably larger that you've experienced before:


  • Absoft Transition Manager - project manages the transition and takes responsibility for delivering the transition on time, including customer communication and resources coordination
  • Absoft Service Delivery Manager - for sharing and agreeing SAP support processes, and escalation of any issues regarding the transition or support services
  • Absoft Technical Team - for the creation of technical maintenance plans
  • Absoft Account Manager - for escalation, contractual and scope issues
  • Absoft Support Team - for all functional and technical areas - perform documentation review and knowledge transfer/site visits


Now that you've read how Absoft manages an SAP transition process, your next step is to speak to us about it. For a FREE initial consultation with one of our SAP experts, contact me at


If you are not happy with your SAP support, be bold and make a smart transition with Absoft.