Why SAP Fiori should be on your agenda for 2019

"It’s cumbersome, it’s not intuitive, it doesn’t fit our procedures…" - sound familiar?


Time and time again we hear from clients who struggle with using the standard SAP screens and transactions. For the daily user, it becomes second nature, but for those who only interact with SAP on a weekly or monthly basis, it can be hard to retain SAP specifics.


What does that lead to? - Poor user satisfaction, offline workarounds, increase in support calls and poor data quality are all high on the list. 


For most, we are accustomed to ‘tap, tap, swipe’ on our personal devices. So why can’t we get this in our work environment? Well, the answer is you can. SAP UI5 apps, built using Fiori design principles can be implemented from an ever-growing library of template apps. Depending on your system level, they can be easily installed, deployed, and training is minimal. However, this only solves some of the issues mentioned above but it might not completely eradicate the issues regarding current procedures and intuitiveness.


To be clear, an effective User Experience (UX) strategy involves understanding what you are currently doing and what you would like to be doing. 


By simply replicating what you’re currently doing in an app, you’ll not receive the full return on your investment (ROI). Implement a user driven, thought-out UX strategy and you’ll have the chance to make SAP available anytime, anywhere. You’ll be able to improve data quality and reporting, increase productivity through reduced rework or double entry and harmonise processes across business and locations.


The key to a successful UX strategy is to involve the end users early. Understand what their issues are on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and give them the power to assist in the planning. It will also assist with change management and user adoption further down the line. Tie this in with the overall needs of the business and you’re well on your way to producing a solid foundation on which to build your UX strategy on.


We hear from lots of organisations who want to implement SAP Fiori but are unsure where to start, so if you are thinking this, you’re not alone. 


That is where Absoft can help. Our “Discover Fiori” sessions can help you to understand what can be achieved with your system currently and what options you have when it comes to app development whether that is using a rapid app develop tool (RAD) such as Neptune or the more traditional WEB-IDE platform. 


We can also assist with your business case to ensure your ROI is realised as quickly as possible. Contact our Fiori experts today.