Cloud Migration

Interface Change Investigation


Technical know-how to reverse engineer and understand complex interface systems and how they fit into wider business processes. 



As SAP is fully supported on multiple public IaaS cloud services, Absoft offer a vendor-agnostic service to help you build and run your SAP systems in your cloud. Our service covers all you need to move SAP into the cloud, from optimal system sizing and virtual machine layout to backup and disaster recovery planning.


Cloud Experience

Absoft’s experience of cloud platforms will help build a supported solution that meets your needs, with your cloud provider.


Intelligent Cloud

There is no lift and shift in our cloud builds.  We use our SAP expertise and the flexibility of IaaS to build innovative solutions whilst creating value.  Absoft’s toolkit and methodology keeps your cloud costs under control.


Internal Expertise   

Working with one team that that knows SAP and the cloud platform provides economies of scales when designing your landscape. Working with internal infrastructure teams on the best build for SAP.

Infrastructure as code

Absoft provide a holistic approach to Infrastructure as code, using automated build and deployment solutions providing a repeatable process for future refreshes.


Seamless Switch

Minimise business disruption by taking advantage of our exceptional test management, interface adjustment and downtime planning.


Supported Build

Absoft will work with infrastructure teams to build the hardware solution that is supported by SAP and fit for purpose for your business.


SAP Certified

We give you piece of mind that any migration will be seamless and effective, as our technical consultants are SAP OS and DB Migration certified and experienced in migrating on-premise and third party data centres. Thus making heterogeneous moves possible if OS and DB changes happening – which affects Interfaces.

We Work With You:

We know that every customer has differing landscapes, and business processes. Our approach is based on collaborating with your teams to arrive at the best approach for your business.


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