SAP User Group: Higher Education & Research SIG

University of Leeds

Absoft is sponsoring the SAP User Group Higher Education & Research SIG (HER SIG) which is taking place at the University of Leeds on Tuesday 8th September 2015.

Absoft Principal SAP Consultant Brian Reid will deliver a presentation on Technical Roadmap: A Budgeting and Planning Tool at the event, which exists to promote collaborative working across the higher education sector.

During the presentation, Mr Reid will explore how a Technical Roadmap provides Higher Education IT departments with an invaluable planning and budgeting tool.

The Roadmap opens up discussions with the wider organisation by providing a costed, 3-5 year proposed SAP landscape maintenance plan. and provides clarity on the various options available for the future maintenance of the SAP landscape - ensuring compliance with SAP support restrictions.

If you would like to attend the event, please book here.

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