SAP Reference System in the Cloud

There are a few reasons why you may need to keep an archive of an SAP system:

    • Mergers of companies with several distinct software applications may decide to consolidate to just one application.
    • A system needs to be kept as a useable archive for compliance.
    • SAP has been replaced with another product.

This raises questions over what to do with the SAP application. Chances are, you won’t want to simply decommission it: It may be needed as a source of truth for data moved into a new system. It may be required for auditing or perhaps required operationally if all data is not migrated. It probably isn’t viable to keep the SAP application where it is either – you may lose access to it, or have to maintain the system at great expense.

Are you then having problems finding a strategy to export the data? Are you only entitled to certain parts of the SAP system but cannot see a solution to keep only the data you require without copying it all?

Absoft can provide you with an, accessible from anywhere, cloud based SAP system created as a clone from your original system. It is up to you what, and how much, data is migrated to this system.

There is a huge cost benefit of using our cloud based solution over continuing to run an on premise application. These savings come from:

    • a reduced cost of user license
    • a reduced cost of maintenance
    • no cost of hardware 

There is no up-front capital required to purchase servers, and no unexpected costs required to maintain them. You don’t need any in house SAP expertise as we can provide this for you with our Integrated SAP Support Service. You will also get a favourable SAP licensing deal as we can provide a new licence which matches your new needs.

Depending on your situation you may be required to keep your whole SAP system, or just certain parts of it. If you require the latter, we have developed a suite of tools which can extract the requisite data from the existing SAP system, and then transfer that into our cloud solution.

Our tools are based on extraction around SAP authorisations, so if you have agreements in place to what data you can extract, we can easily accommodate this securely. If you require the whole SAP system, we can transfer your system using the standard SAP tools.

We will then work with you to create customised read-only roles for your users in the new system, so they can access the data they require, without the risk of any of it changing.

Our cloud solution is completely secure. Encryption is controlled by a VPN and no one else will be able to see your data as it is hosted on its own private cloud, on its own separate network.

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