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  • "A Move to S/4 HANA" -  UKISUG Webinar

    "A Move to S/4 HANA" - UKISUG Webinar


    "S/4 HANA - the technical preparation of a business choice" - Request a replay of our UKISUG webinar where, together with our customer, Lyons Seafoods, we presented the steps of a preparation for the move to S/4 HANA. For most the prep for the move before the 2025 deadline will begin this year.

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  • SAP Expert Announces £500,000 Start to the Year

    SAP Expert Announces £500,000 Start to the Year


    The recent contract wins reflect an increasing demand for the company’s expertise in supporting and optimising UK HR and payroll processes. 

    "“Companies whose systems are supported by overseas support centres are discovering that they lack the UK-specific expertise in these critical compliance related areas and that’s when they come to Absoft for help, and we are delighted that this is reflected in these recent contract awards.”

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  • SAP HR/Payroll Support Outsourcing – A Trend Gone Wrong

    SAP HR/Payroll Support Outsourcing – A Trend Gone Wrong


    The trend over the past few years for UK companies to outsource their SAP support to organisations with overseas support capabilities has now become one of the most common HR/ Payroll UK compliance issue of 2018. 

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  • Absoft Bi-Annual Newsletter

    Absoft Bi-Annual Newsletter


    In this issue we've chosen to focus on two main themes:

    • Absoft’s perspectives on some of the “hot topics” out there in the business and SAP world including GDPR, Cloud, S/4HANA and Single Sign-On

    • Insights into the work week of our team members as well as some of the activities we involve ourselves in when we are not being SAP consultants.

    We hope you enjoy learning more about the people behind Absoft! 

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  • The Importance of Data Migration

    The Importance of Data Migration


    “It doesn’t hit the headlines, but data migration is a fundamental merger and acquisition consideration, and one which can really make or break the Mergers and Acquisitions process”. Read the full article on the importance of data migration in the early processes of mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

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  • Local Charities Remain Focus for Absoft

    Local Charities Remain Focus for Absoft


    These days, it’s not unusual for major charities to promote their causes via a number of high-profile channels.  Social media campaigns, TV, radio and outdoor advertising together with an on-street presence can combine to create a massive awareness of the amazing work they do.

    This is, of course, a real positive for the charities that have the manpower and backing to do so. However, does this have an effect upon the support received by smaller, local charities - who cannot promote themselves similarly?

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