Absoft develops new SAP training offering

Aberdeen-based software consultancy Absoft is launching a new range of training services designed for users of SAP software within the North Sea oil and gas sector.

It has created a new facility within its Bridge of Don premises to provide client-specific SAP training courses in response to a significant upturn in demand.

The company, one of the largest independent SAP consultancies in the UK, has recently been appointed to deliver a variety of training courses for industry operators and service sector companies.

Managing Director Ian Mechie said: “The marked rise in demand for training work has prompted us to put in place a specific market offering to ensure we’re meeting that demand in the most effective way for our clients.  In support of this initiative, we’ve reconfigured our offices to create a dedicated training unit for up to 12 people.   

“The training service is particularly appropriate for organisations where SAP has been in place for some time.  By providing highly tailored courses, pitched at the right level, Absoft can help companies improve user competency and – in turn – increase productivity levels.   

“We’re ideally placed to take on this training role because we offer a unique combination of industry understanding, SAP expertise and training skills.  Our new facility is an added advantage and appeals to those organisations where internal space is at a premium and dedicated training facilities are lacking.” 

The tailored SAP training service covers all user levels, from basic to expert and all functional areas – including all aspects of finance, human resources and supply chain management.  To maximise effectiveness, training is delivered using a client’s own SAP system and can be delivered at any location globally.  

Related services offered include training needs analysis and one-to-one coaching.