Absoft SAP Support Services grows to deliver vital skills and cost savings

Absoft is expanding provision of SAP Integrated Support Services, building on strengths in the energy, public and private sectors to offer dedicated SAP expertise for companies facing cost challenges and skills shortages.

Integrated Support Services Director Keith Davidson is at the helm of Absoft’s SAP Support from major multinationals to government organisations and SMEs. In response to the growing demand for SAP Support across all industries, Richie Reid has also recently been appointed Service Delivery Manager and will manage Absoft’s Partner Centre of Excellence (PCoE).

We caught up with Keith Davidson to talk about the growing demand for SAP Support:

 “Absoft has already established a new Upstream SAP Service Centre to deliver ad-hoc support and optimisation initiatives for oil and gas companies experiencing a squeeze on internal resources and facing pressure to increase process efficiencies against rising operational costs.

"But organisations from public sector bodies to SMEs are also investing in expert assistance – they have seen the vital need to ensure their business systems operate without interruption and respond to challenges as they arise.

“We are seeing rising demand for our expert pool of consultants, who augment our customers' own team of in-house specialists – responding to system failures, or optimising their processes and procedures to ensure that they receive a return on their investment in SAP.

“Our intention in creating the Integrated Support Services team is to act as a one-stop-shop to keeping the company's systems in operation and running at peak efficiency – from implementation and training, through to ongoing bespoke process development projects, and major systems upgrades.”

“The appointment of Abdullah Malik in his new role as Service Delivery Manager for our Partner Centre of Excellence (PCoE), will only strengthen our position.”  

“Absoft’s consultants are in a position to directly assist with SAP support and system or process enhancement needs where no in-house team is available – acting either as embedded SAP expert, or as ad-hoc remote support” adds Keith Davidson.

“We offer embedded expertise to help you achieve more value from your SAP systems on an ongoing basis – working with the same core group of consultants, you are assured that when our people respond, they do so as a knowledgeable member of your team.”

Absoft's Remote SAP Support offers a full range of technical and functional services to businesses in any location.

“We know that flexibility in support is vital, so we offer clients the ability to top up their bank of hours for periods of high demand – our focus is making it work for you,” says Keith Davidson.

“Our remote service delivers flexible managed support, meaning we can be there when you need us, giving you value for money and better cost control as you only pay for the support you actually use.”

Absoft is an accredited SAP Partner Centre of Expertise, recognising the capability and quality of the Integrated Support Services team. The company must pass a rigorous series of tests every two years to retain its Centre of Expertise status.

With Absoft expertise, no time is wasted, no business agility is lost.

Want to know more? Download our brochure on Absoft's Integrated SAP Support Services below.