Absoft’s Pizza Creations and ‘Who is Steve?’

Our team at Absoft has discovered that one of the ways to unwind from a busy week is to roll up your sleeves, switch your pizza-making-mind on and, you guessed it, make some pizza! (and, of course, name your pizza…)

“We basically shaped our doughs, put them in the trays, tried some different techniques for putting the tomato sauce on and then went wild with our toppings. Was a good laugh really!” – says Neil who suggested and organised it – Thank you, Neil!



What next? Who is Steve?

We all named our creations and of course there were some that stood out! And the winners are: ‘Steve’ and ‘The-Pizza-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named’ (get the reference?). The latter will also not-be-shown but you can meet Steve below!




Big thanks to all who were involved in organising tha gathering and to those who attended!

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