International contract for Absoft

Aberdeen-based SAP consultancy, Absoft, has been awarded a contract for assisting in the implementation of the Business Information Warehouse (BW) SAP module in Indonesia, Congo, Gabon, Angola and Nigeria for the oil giant Total.

SAP is the largest selling ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software system in the world. BW is a packaged, comprehensive business intelligence product centred on a data warehouse that is optimised for - but not limited to – SAP applications.

“We are gradually implementing BW alongside SAP in all our operations. Within two years, we will be in a position to consolidate reporting across all our operations against standard data structures” explained Christian Placines of Total. “This will provide a springboard to generate additional savings through easier consolidation and analysis in all areas".

Development of the module for 2,000 users in these countries is being conducted in Total’s head offices in Paris where Absoft already has a large team working on other SAP projects.  Absoft has been working with Total since 1991.

“We chose Absoft for this project because of its particular considerable experience of both BW and SAP for the offshore industry,” commented Placines. “The company has also repeatedly proved itself on major projects around the world and we can be confident that it will deliver on time and within budget.”

Indonesia, Congo, Gabon, Angola and Nigeria are considered large ‘affiliates’ by Total and are therefore part of the UNISUP project, which is rolling out SAP worldwide. Absoft is also playing a key role in the SALSA project for Total, which involves the implementation of SAP at smaller affiliates internationally.