Maximise upstream cost efficiency through optimised business process

As the upstream energy sector faces increasing pressure to cut costs, optimisation of business processes in order to achieve cost efficiency has never been more important. Process optimisation projects can cover significant ground toward delivering the efficiency improvements the industry is under increasing pressure to achieve.

Investment in SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software continues to rise due to its business scalability, configuration flexibility and capabilities in managing vast quantities of complex data.

Operational Excellence

Absoft is a dedicated SAP specialist for upstream oil and gas, with over 20 years’ experience delivering SAP projects to achieve operational excellence. We are the recognised leader in the North Sea market and SAP’s upstream partner of choice, having worked with 70 oil and gas Operators and top tier Oilfield Service companies in over 40 countries. Our SAP technical expertise combined with in-depth knowledge of best practice business processes is what has set us apart.

We recently launched new service lines to help meet the current upstream challenges; SAP Implementations, Efficient Operations, Growth & Acquisitions, Safety & Compliance, Embedded SAP Expertise and Integrated SAP Support. Our service is focussed on achieving significant time and cost savings through streamlined processes and optimal SAP solution design, predominantly in: HR, finance, supply chain, logistics and maintenance.

If your business is growing, transitioning or undergoing acquisition activity, Absoft has the implementation, data migration, and training expertise you need to maximise the return of capital investments or operational expenditure. We’ve already delivered many smooth transitions and know how to enable best practice processes for any scenario.

Joint Venture Accounting

Industry collaboration is cited by the Wood Review as key to sustainability in the North Sea and Operators are increasingly working together. To support this, Absoft helps companies to accurately track, allocate and recover costs during joint ventures with increased visibility and control. Even those with well-established SAP finance systems can benefit from a review of processes, master data and methodology to prevent allocation and recovery processes becoming dated, inefficient and potentially in breach of JOA allowances.  

Find out more about our Finance Implementations.

Supply Chain Management

We enable more effective supply chain operations through complete supplier lifecycle management and clearer visibility of assets, parts and people in-situ. For inventory requirements, we can help clients produce more accurate material availability reports and stock level analysis to optimise effective warehouse management. The result is improved employment of working capital, meaning your cash flow isn’t unnecessarily trapped on a warehouse shelf.

Logistics is crucial for safe and compliant operations offshore, particularly for maintenance requirements. Absoft enables full tracking visibility, from warehouse to remote locations, and integration with plant maintenance systems to ensure safety critical equipment is delivered on time.

Read more information on our Supply Chain Optimisation service. 

Maintenance Optimisation

Maintenance of safety critical equipment in SAP can ensure compliance with industry standards and optimise asset performance. Through in-depth predictive analytics and trending analysis, companies can reduce the risk of ‘fix on failure’ and minimise production downtime.

Mobile solutions for SAP can help drive efficiency even higher through streamlined approval processes and sharing information across a paperless environment in real-time. We offer a suite of tailored apps and partner with a distributor of ATEX certified mobile devices, Airacom, to increase wrench time productivity. Quick and easy to implement with a low total cost of ownership, we can help clients save significant time and administration costs.

We support clients in keeping up-to-date with system maintenance, technological innovations and evolving functionality as it becomes available. We can also evaluate the suitability of existing SAP design and processes in meeting your businesses evolved needs, resulting in the unlocking of critical value which can be stagnating within your business. Companies which want to lead industry benchmarks can’t afford for these considerations to be an afterthought. That’s why the industry leaders have been working with us for over 20 years.

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Return on Investment

Absoft’s capabilities in delivering best practice and maintaining business performance levels is exemplified by its Embedded SAP Expertise service. Multi-disciplinary SAP experts can work alongside your in-house teams providing training, functional support and knowledge transfer, continually maximising your investment in SAP. 

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