New Focus on Oil & Gas for Absoft

Aberdeen-based software consultancy Absoft has embarked on a restructuring process with the creation of a new business practice dedicated to the North Sea oil and gas industry.

The company, one of the largest independent SAP consultancies in the UK, has formed two teams: one focusing on Absoft’s interests in key sectors across the UK and the other specifically tasked with developing the energy business stream. 

“This move is the result of six months of asking our customers where they want us to concentrate our efforts and liaison with our staff to understand their aspirations and needs,” said business director Don Valentine, leader of the new oil and gas team.

“One clear theme which emerged from our research was that in order to best meet the needs of the oil and gas sector, we needed to establish a core team whose passion and sole focus was to develop and support the oil and gas customer base.”

Backed up by customer relationship manager Catherine Reynolds, a sales manager and an internal pool of consultants, the new oil and gas development team will work with key national and international clients across the energy spectrum. 

The new drive will see Absoft target a wider range of business from emerging operators through to service sector companies, with the goal of adding a further £2 million to an already healthy 08/09 order book.

“Absoft has traditionally carried out a lot of work with the big operators such as Total, Talisman and Chevron. These companies are becoming increasingly interested in optimising their SAP asset and getting the best from it,” said Don.

“There is, however, also a desire among emerging operators to leverage affordable and scaleable business solutions which can expand with them as they mature. This desire is also evident amongst oilfield service companies who need integrated solutions to support duty holder and facilities management obligations. It is these types of companies - who are in it for the long-haul - that we believe we can help.”

As part of the move, Absoft has invested significantly in a dedicated training facility within its Bridge of Don premises. This opened at the tail-end of 2006 and hosts oil and gas specific SAP training courses in response to significant demand from both operators and service sector companies.

Absoft also aims to build on its successful upstream supply chain forum – which facilitates the sharing of SAP based best practices amongst upstream oil and gas companies – by establishing equivalent maintenance, finance and human resource forums.

“With our knowledge in oil and gas and SAP we felt we had a lot to offer the industry in terms of training provision and the sharing of SAP based best practice,” said Don. 

“This is an exciting time not just for the oil and gas industry but for Absoft as well. This new dedicated approach isn’t simply about capturing new business, it’s about listening to what our customers and the energy sector as a whole is demanding and using our experience to help them achieve their goals.”