Saving Time and Costs with Absoft’s SAP NetWeaver Managed Support Service

To deliver benefits such as streamlined processes, increased productivity and improved efficiencies, a SAP system needs to be closely monitored, maintained and managed in peak condition.  

Absoft’s Managed Support Service has the full range of technical expertise required to support and maintain SAP landscapes, guaranteeing system availability and continuity, saving time and money.

The service is available to all Absoft’s SAP customers and can be hosted either by Absoft or locally on customers’ premises.

The service offers a number of benefits:

  • 24 x 7 automated monitoring saves time; so no more labour intensive manual checks
  • Lowers staffing costs by reducing the need for in-house SAP NetWeaver skills
  • Simplifies ownership and responsibilities with a holistic technical service that spans database, operating system, infrastructure and SAP clients
  • Identifies potential issues early and minimises unscheduled downtime
  • Improves internal confidence with a 365-day support service
  • Maintains a healthy SAP landscape
  • Aids future planning by predicting system growth and enabling changes to be planned early

Find out more by downloading the flyer on this link.