SAP Operational Implementations

Do any of the following problems sound familiar?


    • Inconsistency in meeting operational performance standards
    • Poor visibility of maintenance requirements, with planning and execution difficulty
    • Important tool time lost due to time consuming and inefficient administration
    • Difficulty making sure the right equipment is at the right place when it's needed
    • Effectively managing numerous global supplier relationships
    • Enforcing standardised processes and procedures

We deliver management system implementations with a range of tailored SAP applications.

They will enable you to holistically manage your maintenance and operations in order to achieve the best possible performance standards. Our implementation expertise covers;

    • Plant Maintenance
    • Materials Management
    • Extended Warehouse Management
    • Supplier Relationship Management
    • Remote Logistics Management
    • Production Planning
    • Fixed Assets Management
    • Quality Management
    • Project System


SAP Mobility


Mobile applications are an incredibly potent solution for improving the efficiency and profitability of your operations – and are particularly powerful in an environment where maintenance, logistics and evidence of compliance are so painfully crucial.

Absoft offers product demos, pilots and implementation services for ATEX certified mobile solutions that are best suited to improving oil and gas operations, either on or offshore.


We have particular expertise with:

    • SAP Work Manager: Install, inspect, maintain, and repair assets without paper work
    • SAP Inventory Manager: Make sure that parts and equipment are always available

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