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With UK compliance related issues and fines hitting the headlines the demand for specific SAP expertise and knowledge of UK legislation is increasing and companies are looking to ensure their systems are compliant. Absoft SAP Compliance experts have decades of experience taking care of our clients’ processes and making sure their systems are up to date with the latest UK legislation. Do you need a compliance ‘healthcheck’ of your data.?

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In our experience, the area that changes the most in business is HR and payroll related legislation. From small changes relating to tax codes, to larger changes such as GDPR, it is constantly moving and your SAP system should be regularly reviewed to ensure compliance in this area. However it is not the only place! SAP finance has also had legislative changes recently, and with Brexit coming up, we anticipate changes to customs laws too, which will affect SAP MM and PM systems.

We recommend carrying out a review of your processes to make sure that they are in line with current legislation, however it can sometimes be difficult to conduct this internally, so a new pair of eyes can really help with this task. Absoft offer a business process review service which provides you with recommendations of the areas to work on.

It can be difficult to know where to start with making your system compliant – that’s why with Absoft’s compliance review service, we provide you with recommendations and assign a priority to them so that you can see clearly which areas should get your attention first. High priority items might include those which are likely to incur a fine from HMRC.

 Failure to adhere to certain pieces of legislation may result in a fine from HMRC – something that all companies would want to avoid!

Absoft can assist with GDPR compliance – please see our page for more information

Absoft have created a bespoke solution for this which allows you to submit your return directly to HMRC. Please visit this page for more information

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Whether you already know which key areas you need to ensure your SAP is compliant in, or you need to run our UK Compliance Health Check to review your whole system – we are here to help. Get in touch to discuss your specific needs straight away or browse through our FAQ and sub-services to gain more insights into how to keep your system compliant and how we can help. 

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Absoft’s track record for delivering value for our clients is unrivalled. Our customers praise our flexibility and ability to integrate with their internal teams.


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