SAP Managed Services

Ensure continuity of your business critical systems at a fixed annual cost

Maintaining and managing your SAP landscape can be an onerous task. And you may not have the internally developed SAP technical skills to deal with some of the more challenging issues which crop up.

Many companies are losing countless working hours due to staff manually monitoring and self-sufficiently trying to contend with SAP system issues. That will unnecessarily cost your business;both in employee time and interrupted business operations.

Absoft’s solution is our SAP Managed Support Service package. If there’s a problem with your system, we will know about it before you do.

Through our expert system knowledge, combined with 24/7 system monitoring, we take responsibility for your SAP systems to ensure they remain constantly available and up to date. This frees up your staff to take care of more strategic internal issues. This service can be delivered whether your systems are hosted on-premise, within a data centre or in the cloud.

The benefits of our managed service include:

    • Simplified SAP system ownership and responsibilities
    • A holistic service that spans databases, operating system and infrastructure
    • Less time and cost by removing the need to manually monitor your SAP landscape
    • Reduced requirement for in-house SAP NetWeaver skills
    • Minimised unscheduled downtime
    • Support cost certainty with fixed price contracts
    • Potential issues identified early so operations aren’t impacted
    • Better system planning
    • Improved internal confidence with a 365-day support service

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