SAP Enhancement Package Application

SAP continuously researches best practice processes across industries, adding new functionality to products through Enhancement Packages.  To get access to the latest functionality, you need to apply these Enhancement Packages to your SAP system.

Identifying which Enhancement Packages are relevant can be challenging. A huge amount of functionality can be added in each package.  Understanding how any newly activated functionality will impact the functionality you currently use, and how to manage the associated risks, is crucial.

Applying the Enhancement Package itself can be a complex project, similar to an upgrade in magnitude.  A change management process must be followed, including a change freeze, user testing and acceptance and a controlled go-live. 

We work closely with each of our customers, truly understanding your needs. We use our knowledge to recommend appropriate functionality from newer Enhancement Packages - and help produce a business case for implementing it.

When your functional requirements are clear, Absoft’s optional Technical Roadmap service can help you to establish the most efficient program of technical activities to underpin the deployment of the enhancement package through your landscape.

Absoft can manage the process with our project management methodology, or work within your project management structure.  Either way, we will ensure SAP best practice is followed.

We have a track record of successful, on time and on budget projects, delivering knowledge transfer as we go.

The benefits of our enhancement package service include;

    •  A smooth and stress free transition
    • On time and on budget project delivery
    • Accurate identification of added functionality you actually require
    • Improved return on investment for your SAP system
    • Guaranteed continued SAP support of your upgraded system

Don’t let your competition get ahead. Make sure you are leveraging SAP to your full advantage.

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