Technical Roadmap Service

A complete picture of all technical activities you need to plan ahead and budget for, to ensure your SAP systems continue to support your business goals into the future. 

Can your SAP systems provide the functionality that your business demands, now and in the future?

Do you have a clear strategy for ensuring that your systems operate on fully supported infrastructure, operating system and database platforms?

Do you have a maintenance strategy to patch your systems to a schedule that minimises disruption to your business whilst delivering the bug fixes and security updates that minimise risk and ownership costs from an IT perspective?

Given the number of considerations involved, and the range of possible solutions, it needs to be a comprehensive plan - built with sufficient SAP and business understanding. To make it more complicated, SAP support restrictions exist. You must ensure that the SAP guidelines are adhered to for the guaranteed support of your system.

You may be considering any number of SAP system aspects, including;

    • S4/HANA conversion or implementation
    • Hardware refresh
    • Migrations to the cloud
    • Virtualisation
    • Landscape rationalisation
    • Enhancement package installation
    • Archiving
    • Patching strategy

For over 25 years, Absoft has been developing the expertise and know-how to help you build a comprehensive SAP Technical Roadmap.

Consultants will first visit your site to gather critical information, then follow up with the creation of a technical roadmap document to summarise the findings of our investigation.

We recommend maintenance activities, restrictions to observe and best practices to incorporate. We also include a SAP landscape maintenance plan for the following twelve months. This report will include costing estimates to help you budget appropriately.

We help you;

  • Evaluate the various delivery paths to find a solution that best meets your needs and budget
  • Plan the best timing for these activities
  • Ensure your systems always remain fully supported

Make sure your systems are capable of supporting your business into the future. Call in the specialists.

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