Increase productivity with Mobile Business Intelligence

Increasing productivity with Mobile Business Intelligence

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Download Absoft’s useful whitepaper ‘A Guide to Mobile Business Intelligence in SAP’ to discover what a good mobile solution looks like and how you can leverage your existing investment in BI to deliver mobile capability. You will also learn how SAP® BusinessObjects™ reporting tools support Mobile BI and how easy it is to mobilise your existing content. Here’s a preview of what you will learn.

Today’s modern organisations need to work faster and smarter to maintain a competitive edge. Effective decision-making on the move means that an increasingly mobile workforce need the ability to access and analyse the same business data they use in the office, wherever they are, using smartphones and tablets in order to make effective, immediate decisions on the go.

Investment in mobile Business Intelligence (BI) and monitoring key business metrics on the move empowers your workforce to be more productive wherever they are. As a result, an increasing number of organisations are evaluating the benefits, cost-effectiveness and practicalities of implementing Mobile BI.

Access BI anytime, anywhere

The obvious benefit of Mobile BI is that it provides your employees with the access to the critical information they need to make decisions at a time and place convenient to them. The ability to access the BI information anywhere at any time increases their ability to make informed accurate decisions at the right time. It will enable them to seize opportunities and address issues as and when they arise.

Increased user adoption

The other benefit of Mobile BI is that it can increase the adoption rate of BI by giving greater access to existing users and open it up to new information consumers.

The most important aspect of any Mobile BI solution is that it should be based on your existing BI environment. The mobile aspect should be an extension of what is currently in place and not be a completely separate deployment. In creating your existing BI environment you will have invested time, money and effort in defining the metrics and key performance indicators you need to run your business. To leverage this investment; Mobile BI should be considered a new access layer or front-end to your existing BI infrastructure.

Download the white paper below.


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