Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestments

Transforming company portfolios or unlocking capital cannot be done without mergers, acquisitions and divestments. As companies journey towards a significantly altered structure, the importance of a strong ERP in maintaining business critical operations is highlighted – as is the opportunity to leverage the merger, acquisition or divestment activity to redefine your ERP landscape.

With an extensive track record, coupled with a wide variety of transition strategies and proprietary tools, Absoft are SAP experts in any Merger, Acquisition or Divestment scenario.

How Absoft Can Help in M&A and Divestment Scenarios

Splitting SAP systems, joining SAP systems, migrating data between SAP systems – It is all in Absoft’s DNA.

With a strong track record of successfully delivering core business systems, on-time and on-budget, we are well equipped to support you in your business transformation.

Merge assets into an existing SAP system

Splitting assets out from an existing SAP system

Creating a reference system for run-down and ongoing referential requirements

Merging Assets into an Existing SAP System

Absoft have extensive experience of helping customers to migrate newly acquired assets into a pre-existing or new SAP environments. Based on experiences gained by delivering 50 on-time/on budget M&A projects, Absoft accelerate the acquisition process using:

  • our templated data load utilities
  • our experience of how the migrated data supports critical business processes
  • our ability to fill or augment gaps in testing or training resourcing
  • and our technical teams’ capabilities to stand up SAP environments for practice runs and for ongoing operations – on-premise or in the cloud


Typical project timeframes range from 6 – 12 weeks.

Splitting Assets out from an Existing SAP System

Divestment timeframes are becoming ever-shorter as deal teams drive ever more challenging time to value deadlines. Absoft has unrivalled expertise in helping organisations on both sides of the deal to shorten Transition Service Agreement timeframes, minimise operational disruption and manage the SAP transition end-to-end.

Absoft accelerate the divestment process using:

  • our Absoft specific extract and load utilities
  • our experience of how the migrated data supports critical business processes
  • our ability to fill or augment gaps in testing or training resourcing
  • and our expert Absoft technical teams expertise in standing up SAP environments for dry runs and for ongoing operations – on-premise or in the cloud.


Typical project timeframes range from 6 – 12 weeks.

Creating an SAP Run-Down / Reference System

Often associated with a SAP related acquisition or divestment is the requirement to create a SAP environment to support run-down or ongoing audit/reference activity. Financial audits, GDPR queries, “Right-to-be-Forgotten” requests are all requirements that are ongoing for a period after the transition date. Being able to interrogate that data in the context of the original SAP system is an increasing requirement and one which can be met cost effectively utilising the stand-up/take-down pay-per-use models available from cloud providers.

Absoft accelerate the creation of run-down/reference SAP environments using:

  • our relationships with the main cloud providers
  • our tailored SAP technical manage service offering which makes sure the environment is available as needed
  • our ability to migrate all or part of your SAP environment into a Run-Down/Reference system using our Absoft specific Extract and Load utilities

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two quite different scenarios which typically play out in SAP related acquisitions. In one scenario, time is of the essence and the imperative is to get the pre-existing data into SAP as soon as possible – retaining the data standards and processes of the acquired assets.

The other situation is where the acquirer’s SAP system is a repository of organisational best practices encompassing data standards and processes. In this case the imperative is to secure the adoption of those data standards/best practices by the entities being acquired.

The second scenario often involves re-training and increased testing activity – but to compensate for this there are often pre-defined data take-on programs available that can facilitate the take-on.

Absoft has extensive experience of both scenarios and offer a full breadth of services across licences, migration, training, testing augmentation and support to assist organisations to achieve a high-quality and timely implementation.

We are an SME SAP consultancy who specialise in supporting Merger, Acquisition and Divestment events where SAP is involved. We are an SAP Value Added re-seller and Gold Partner and a certified SAP Partner Centre of Expertise which means that SAP have ensured that we are equipped with the right knowledge and staff to deliver the highest quality of SAP support.

As a result, we act as a 1-stop shop for customers looking for assistance with their M&A requirements; from licencing help, running your SAP transition right through to supporting your SAP users and landscape post-transition.

“Hot dinners” come to mind. We’ve done this more times than some of us would care to think about. Whether it be from Sun, Oracle, Maximo, Dynamics, Sage, Absoft have migrated data from non-SAP environments into SAP.

Our transition teams are well versed with the data models of these systems and their equivalents in SAP which we have captured in accelerators which decrease the mapping effort which is such a time consuming element of Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) migration projects.

Some transition projects afford opportunities for SAP landscape rationalisation/optimisation as well as SAP licence optimisation. Absoft’s technical team are passionate about ensuring that our customers SAP landscapes are “fit for purpose” and not replete with unused hosts and unused products. The Absoft technical and sales teams work with the customer in the early stages of the transition to make sure that opportunities for technical and licence optimisation are identified and folded into the transition project.

System migrations are often a facet of transition projects and they often represent a great time for ensuring that your SAP estate is fully current. Folding OS/DB and SAP software upgrades into transition events is a great way to save costs related to technical upgrade projects that might be on the agenda.

Absoft are expert in all the typical approaches to data migration:

  • Application Data Migration where we utilise SAP tools such as LSMW, SAP’s data migration cockpit, Data Services or tools such as Winshuttle/Syniti Data Workbench
  • Technical Data migration using Absoft’s proprietary extract and load utilities. Used where data transformation is not a facet of the project these tools can significantly accelerate SAP transition projects
  • or our C-Raze method where we copy the customer system and delete (raze) data that should not be transferred to the end-customer

A mix of the experience levels of our technical and functional teams and proprietary software Absoft means that we typically meet, and often exceed, our customers expectations regarding delivery dates.

We have a track record of on-time/on budget deliveries even in situations where ICT has been far down the priority list for the deal team and something of an afterthought!

Increasingly, Absoft are also utilising cloud-based delivery models to stand-up sandbox and test environments to accelerate solution development and testing – utilising our mix of technical and functional expertise to deliver to customer deadlines and expectations.

While we usually recommend staying on SAP we do have expertise in extracting key data from SAP systems for storage in external tools such as data warehouses or other 3rd party systems.

What They Say

Absoft’s track record for delivering value for our clients is unrivalled. Our customers praise our flexibility and ability to integrate with their internal teams.



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