SAP Technical Services

Skilled SAP Basis or SAP NetWeaver personnel are an asset – but can be hard to recruit, expensive to train and difficult to retain. Outsource this function to Absoft, and you can cut down on costs, while also gaining access to the combined experience of all Absoft’s fully trained and experienced consultants.

Range of our SAP Technical Services

With in-depth SAP expertise, Absoft can help you to ensure your SAP estate is in an optimum state, provide hands-on experience and provide recommendations in newer areas of technology.

Technical Roadmap Service

With our roadmap, we’ll give you the best plan to keep all of your software supported.

By utilising our roadmap service, we can advise on the latest trends in technology, and make sure your business is ready for the future.

System Performance Health Check

Absoft’s System Performance evaluation analyses not just the SAP applications, but we also probe the underlying platform too – OS and hardware – this way we capture all indicators and suggest the most efficient improvements possible.

We know that not all businesses have the unlimited capacity to grow their infrastructure. We will work with you to understand constraints and leverage the best possible performance for your system.

SAP Landscape Rationalisation

Our goal with the landscape rationalisation is to make your SAP landscape as efficient as possible

When any issue occurs with your landscape – being it a small support ticket or a DR situation, having a landscape which is the right size makes troubleshooting easier for your team.

With an efficient landscape, your support team will have fewer overheads in delivering their service.

The first benefit of landscape rationalisation is an immediate, direct, cost saving. 

Read more about how we achieved this for a public sector client and more benefits here.

Single Sign-On Solutions

Absoft have deployed SSO to a wide range of customers across products, from SAP GUI to Fiori, Business Objects to Neptune..

With current trends towards apps and mobile working, we have several solutions to enhance your experience.

Single Sign-On removes the need to manage passwords in SAP, minimising helpdesk time and speeding up user login.

Absoft can create bespoke SSO integrations where no product fits your needs, to deliver any requirement.

Enhancement Package Applications

Understanding the impact of activating new functionality is key to ensuring if it is right for you, our business process expertise will help you through this.

Absoft have delivered EHP projects since SAP released the concept, enabling us to streamline the process and pass on that knowledge to your environment.

SAP Authorisations and Security

Do your users have the correct levels of access, for example segregation of duties? Our technical and business consultants will validate your authorisation model and recommend best practice improvements.

We have experience with ITIL, ISO, Sarbanes–Oxley, and can address the impacts and requirements on your SAP landscape and business processes.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

There are many factors which go into designing the optimal DR solution for your business. Geography, costs and business requirements all must come together for the optimal design. Talk to us about how we can help make sure your SAP system will work with your business continuity plan.

Once you’ve got your DR strategy designed, you’re going to want to build and test it. Absoft have a wealth of experience in performing this for customers across many platforms.

Cloud Migrations and Hosting

Our service covers all you need to move SAP into the cloud, from optimal system sizing and virtual machine layout to backup and disaster recovery planning.

There is no lift and shift in our cloud builds. We use our SAP expertise and the flexibility of IaaS to build innovative solutions whilst creating value. Absoft’s toolkit and methodology keeps your cloud costs under control. Learn more about our Cloud Services.

Absoft host and manage your SAP landscape, so you can focus on running your business. Our simple and proven migration methodology means we can host any SAP system, or form a solid platform for your new implementation.

As a Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), Absoft will deliver the most secure and reliable cloud hosting, taking advantage of Azure compute flex and the Azure cost model to minimise operational costs. Read more about Why Azure is SAP’s Cloud of choice.

Take full advantage of flexible hosting options from your productive landscape through to fast test system builds. Absoft will work with you to deliver the most time and cost-effective option for your business.

What They Say

Absoft’s track record for delivering value for our clients is unrivalled. Our customers praise our flexibility and ability to integrate with their internal teams.


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