ADIMA ERP for Manufacturing

It’s becoming increasingly clear that if you aren’t running your business on a 21st century IT system then your ability to adapt, scale, automate and manage cost and margin is severely constrained. The likely outcome is that by the time you realise the problem or the opportunity – it’s too late. 

Absoft ADIMA ERP is a single, truly integrated system running Sales, Production, Procurement, Inventory, Dispatch and Finance. Based on the latest technologies, ADIMA’s database runs in-memory meaning that the reporting and analytics in the system are live allowing your business to identify, pre-empt and improve – sales, shop floor and top floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quite a lot really, but in essence it boils down to ADIMA being a truly scalable, integrated ERP. The screens have the same intuitive look and feel throughout because the underlying product is one unified system, not a cobbling together of “best of breed” systems where you “see the joins”. The reporting is live and covers the full range of exception reporting on the shop floor through to live top-level analytics required by the top-floor. ADIMA is proven to be scalable, the underlying technology runs companies from £5M annual turnover to £500 Billion and you only pay for the functions and scale that your company needs to use. ADIMA doesn’t atrophy or become obsolete, Absoft run it for you in the cloud or on-prem and keep the system constantly up to date to make sure you don’t have to worry about obsolescence or data/system security risks to the IT system running your business.

Don’t take our word for this take an ADIMA customers perspective;

  • “We are beginning to see our shop floor becoming more “lean” with only the components we require being in the staging areas.
  • “ADIMA gives employees consistent information about what components should be used which has improved the quality and consistency of our products. The key to this was making it simple and easy to understand, which was achieved with the shop floor app and the touchscreen tablets”
  • “The ability to truly see how the factory is performing was a massive benefit of ADIMA, since installing the system it has driven us to change our production processes and address problems that we weren’t aware of. We can immediately see when a machine has a problem and address the issue before it causes a delay”
  • “ADIMA has made answering customer’s questions about when their trailer will be ready much easier, it can now be tracked through the factory and this also makes it much easier to plan when to load a lorry”

It takes as little as twelve weeks. Because ADIMA is a pre-packaged ERP specifically developed for Manufacturing, the product will meet most of your process needs out of the box. We work with you in the first week to identify where your business might be different, typically in core business areas such as shop floor – where optimisation is critical to the bottom line. We provide you with the data templates to prepare your data for loading into ADIMA and provide implementation accelerators in the form of training and testing materials. As with any important IT implementation we need some help from you to test the system and sponsor process adoption, but your ADIMA users will be delighted with the iPad look and feel of the apps they will be using – so this change management challenges are minimised.

First question is how do you want to pay? ADIMA is available as either an up-front CAPEX implementation cost starting from £100K or under a subscription model with costs being related to services required and the contract tenure. Get in touch with sales.

Core functionality covered by ADIMA includes Finance, Sales, Production, Inventory, Procurement Assembly, Quality, Maintenance and Dispatch. ADIMA also covers a full range of manufacturing processes including; Make/Engineer/Configure/Assemble to Order, Make to Stock, Batch & Continuous Manufacturing.

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What They Say

Absoft’s track record for delivering value for our clients is unrivalled. Our customers praise our flexibility and ability to integrate with their internal teams.

How SMEs Benefit from ADIMA

Speak to us about the benefits small and medium sized manufacturers gain from ADIMA – an advanced ERP solution on SAP S/4HANA – delivering the right information, to the right people in real-time.

Typical benefits realised by other companies include, but are not limited to:

  • Reductions in manufacturing cycle times of 5% – 15%
  • Improvements in On-Time Delivery Performance of 10%-20%
  • Reduced inventory levels of 5% – 15%
  • Decreased logistics costs of 10%-12%
  • Reductions in Procurement costs of 5% – 10%


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