Absoft Taking Steps to Support Comic Relief II

Absoft Taking Steps to Support Comic Relief

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It has been all systems go at Absoft HQ in the name of Comic Relief! From the 9th to the 23rd of March, our staff took part in a pedometer challenge to see which team could best walk the walk, by racking up the most steps over a two-week period.

Over the course of the fortnight, four teams managed an impressive 4,515,799 steps – the equivalent of walking about 2,300 miles, or in other words a trek from Aberdeen to Marrakesh, Morocco!

All teams and individuals performed brilliantly during the challenge, but special recognition goes to a few:

  • The winning team included Petra Hampton, Lesley Harrison, Jeni Thompsett, Anna Zagorska, Sarah-Jane Shewan, Peter Mason and Bjorn Harzer
  • Overall individual winner – Accounts Administrator Sylvia Humphreys, who racked up a colossal 342,304 steps across the two-week period
  • Most steps in a day – Senior SAP Consultant Petra Hampton, who must’ve been walking all day to achieve a fantastic 46,671 steps
  • Best weekly improvement – Strategic Principal Consultant Glen Campbell upped his game, increased his steps by 50% in week two

With the average steps per day sitting at 11,123, it’s safe to say that everyone involved took this challenge in their stride.

To celebrate everyone’s hard work and to raise extra funds for Comic Relief, we hosted a bake sale competition to coincide with the last day of the challenge. With an array of delicious entries to choose from, choosing a winner was a difficult decision but eventually Sales Manager Toria Smith came out on top, thanks to her lovely Comic Relief themed truffles.

Overall, we raised £203.18 for Comic Relief and as always, we’re extremely proud of everyone’s efforts. Bring on the next fundraising challenge!

Some of the winners

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