What is SAP® Support?

Or perhaps the question is what should SAP Support be? This week, I was reflecting with my support team around what should our customers expect from us in our SAP support provision. The prevailing answer was, of course, the best, but what components make up the best provision?

I personally have never written a blog before but the energy in the room made me think to put pen to paper and share some of our thoughts. Although we had a big list, I managed to distil it down to what we felt as a team were the critical areas that make an essential SAP business support service work.


Part of the team:

We hear the term ‘partnering’ used frequently and almost casually now, but I think SAP support needs to take this one step further. SAP support provision should create an extension to a company’s own team. An extension that understands the business processes that SAP facilitates and indeed knows the importance of ‘the when’ and ‘the how’ all of these processes play out, not to mention the emotional impact on the wider team when these are compromised.


Personal Approach:

An extended team that knows your business processes is, I think we all know, unlikely to be found in large call centres servicing hundreds of customers. This type of model can only be formed when close relationships are formed between colleagues, ownership of issues and the accountability to resolve them falls with a consistent reliable team rather than being passed from pillar to post with no transparency.


Trusted Advisor:

So, where does the journey to this kind of relationship start? As you might expect - with trust.

- Do what you said you would at the start, get the transition right!

- Share knowledge and share the challenges faced. 

Working with personable dedicated consultants who demonstrate integrity in their day-to-day interactions with you will help reaffirm that your support partner is the right cultural fit for you and your needs.



Feeling you have the ‘right fit’ with your support partner is more than just the cultural feel of the relationship though, it also has to be backed up by the right experience. How long has your partner been operating its service and what is the average years’ experience in the team?  Making sure these all add up is more likely to ensure that you are going to get the end-to-end comprehensive experience that you desire.


Cost Efficiency:

All these attributes shouldn’t cost you the earth either, they should be a part of a cost effective and flexible solution that pairs up to your needs. As times change, there must be a degree of fluidity where your partner can react to the changing needs of your business without awkward rigidity.


Evolving Relationship:

Make sure that your partner can evolve with you in your SAP journey and help you roadmap the future of the possible, ensuring that your technology is future proof and you get the user experience that your organisation needs. Road mapping this journey with you to help you plan costs vs requirements should be at the heart of a true partnership.

There may seem to be many things to consider when thinking about SAP Support, but should it be complicated? No.Taking the complication away is the job of your SAP partner so that you can focus on what is important to you and your business knowing that your SAP system is in the safe hands of your extended team.

We hope you found our SAP support blog informative. If you’d like to learn more about our services, we’d be delighted to hear from you! Please email info@absoft.co.uk or submit a quick form with your enquiry below:


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