Centre of SAP Excellence

What is it?

Absoft's Centre of SAP Excellence (ACSE) is an internally run initiative that drives how we operate as a company and is an important part of how we enable our values on a daily basis. It feeds into all aspects of our operations and service delivery. We believe it’s what differentiates us as a SAP specialist, and keeps our staff and customers with us for the long-term.

What does it mean for our staff and customers?

ACSE is a mechanism for investing in and developing our consultancy staff. It enables both varied and specialist SAP expertise to be developed concurrently. This means consultants can develop broader and contextual understanding of any SAP landscape, as well as become subject matter experts in their particular field.

A format is in place for Intellectual Property (IP) and consultant knowledge sharing, allowing us to utilise the expertise that is gained across projects. It enables best practice solutions to be deployed to our customers on an ongoing basis. We also provide free knowledge sharing events for our customers.

Why do we have it?

We place the highest priority upon;

    • Staff development and engagement
    • Knowledge sharing and IP development
    • Quality of service delivery

The initiative is designed to enable the realisation of these company values on an ongoing, daily basis.

What does it involve?

Our ACSE programme is a combination of in-house and external channels. Its individual components include;

    • Knowledge Transfer Sessions: These are cross departmental sessions organised on a regular basis. They are delivered by our recognised Subject Matter Experts across core functional and technical areas, and focus on sharing both technical expertise and best practice for industry.
    • Bi-weekly Functional Team Sessions: These are fortnightly departmental meetings for in-house and client facing consultants, led by our Discipline Team Leaders, enabling regular knowledge transfer across projects.
    • Client Forum Events: Every year we run a series of free client events by functional area, where by we poll our customers on SAP and business process issues they are currently struggling with, then run a 3 hour session delivering 2 presentations on solutions for these industry specific challenges. We plan to include a WebEx format for international clients.
    • Intellectual Property (IP): Led by our Managing Director, Ian Mechie, we are currently undertaking an initiative to better collate, access and leverage our IP, bringing in the documented knowledge we have accumulated over 20 years, individual consultants’ knowledge and solution templates which we have developed.
    • SAP Learning Hub: Staff opt in to using an online development tool with SAP’s Learning Hub. This involves skill development through learning about new topics and technologies across disciplines.
    • SAP Certification: SAP’s formal certification programme is delivered via classroom learning, distance learning and the online Learning Hub tool.
    • SAP User Groups: We are active participants in the UK SAP User Group events forum, which are run regularly on various topics. We deliver presentations at these events and share our knowledge with other SAP users.
    • SAP Relationship: We constantly engage with SAP to ensure Absoft is always fully aligned with the latest SAP developments and technologies. We regularly work closely with SAP and have members of SAP UK and Norway attending our client events with us.
    • Engagement with Higher Education – For many years now we have been running a series of student lectures with Robert Gordon’s University, focused on inspiring entrepreneurship in Scotland.
    • Behaviours Development Suite: An internally selected programme using external training providers covering; Impact & Influence, Priority Management, Positive Relationships, Communication, Facilitation and Writing Dynamics.
    • Management Training: Our consulting managers and senior managers undertake a variety of management training through individually tailored career development plans.

What are our future development plans?

We would like to develop closer relationship with higher education, or other research organisations, undertaking joint research in the area of ERP systems delivery and management for the advancement of public and private enterprise.

We would also be interested in further partnering with higher education, delivering lectures for students and providing placements for promising individuals.

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