GDPR Compliance Heatmap

GDPR Compliance Heatmap


GDPR has been a major hot topic over the last 12 months, and has seen the biggest shake up to how companies manage their data since the 1990s. For customers that use SAP, the amount of GDPR relevant data to consider can be vast and therefore a little overwhelming to those looking to make their systems GDPR compliant.


Unsure where to start with this? Or you want to make sure you have all your tables, landscape and interfaces covered? Absoft can help you, with our GDPR Heatmap Service.



What is SAP GDPR Heatmap?


Developed following a year of assisting our customers to comply with GDPR, the GDPR Heatmap Service gives you a snapshot of your SAP landscape and all the areas in the system where PII (Personal Identifiable Information) data could be hiding.


There are some obvious areas to consider, such as your HR & Payroll systems. However, have you considered where this data feeds into? How about your DEV & QA systems? Links to other SAP modules? Vendor data? Interfaces to external systems? Tables in your SAP backend?


The GDPR Compliance Heatmap will highlight to you where your PII is kept in an easy-to-view format and will provide recommendations on how to tackle the data going forward.


The service includes the following:

  • Review of your SAP landscape
  • A report containing an easy-to-view summary on where PII data is kept in your system
  • Recommendations on how to become GDPR compliant going forward


Following the GDPR Heatmap Service, Absoft can assist you with anonymising the data from your system and also producing data retention strategies to help you manage your data going forward.


At Absoft, we have worked with a variety of different customers and understand that each business is unique in their SAP use - that's why we offer SAP consulting tailored to your needs.


Getting your SAP GDPR compliant may seem daunting, however taking a few steps to ensure that your data is compliant will pay off in the long run and will ensure you avoid any fines from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Get in touch to ask about our GDPR System Heatmap and begin your compliance journey today.



UK Compliance Health Check

If you are suffering issues with RTI, PAE, Pensions or have other compliance related concerns drop our expert team a line today. Absoft's HR/Payroll team is fully UK based and has been assisting clients since 1991 to stay on the right side of HMRC and away from the hefty fines.


Worried about whether or not you are compliant with UK legislation?

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