Not-for-profit organisations operate in one of the most tightly regulated sectors in the UK and face a multitude of pressures from both internal and external stakeholders
Absoft is an independent SAP support consultancy with expertise in the Not-for-Profit sector and we have been working with SAP since 1991.

Our highly knowledgeable team has unrivalled SAP expertise meaning Absoft is ideally placed to guarantee the stability of your SAP system through our UK-based SAP support service.

Focus on flexibility

Every customer is different. That’s why Absoft puts the focus on establishing a solution that suits your business requirements.

It means we think laterally - finding a new solution to a challenge when none of the standard solutions are appropriate.

With Absoft it is about taking that extra step: putting in the time, effort and commitment that makes the difference between adequate and excellent.

With Absoft, flexibility can mean all this:

    • Delivering a solution that meets your functional, budgetary and schedule requirements
    • Keeping it cost-effective - not proposing upgrades you don’t need
    • Finding a way around operational constraints - for example, when your key staff are unavailable
    • Tailoring support to suit the way you work
    • Rolling forward unused support hours to meet peak demand
    • Redeploying unused support hours for development, training or process improvement
    • Letting you move between support levels to smooth out peaks and troughs in demand

Why choose Absoft?

Absoft is one of the longest established independent SAP consultancies in the UK, with an emphasis on consistently combining technical SAP expertise and business understanding underpinning this success.

The company’s comprehensive range of integrated SAP services include:

Our clients have been entrusting their SAP systems with us for 25 years because we can ensure the smooth and efficient running of your SAP system to our team of expert consultants - who have a combined total of over 600 years’ experience in SAP.

We treat our customers like new customers - all of the time - and aim to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with the SAP support services which we provide.

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