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Who needs Shop Floor Apps?


Do you use SAP? Do you agree that buzz words like ‘smart factory’ and ‘Industry 4.0’ are trending for a reason and ‘digital transformation’ 

is the only way to go forward?


Does your business need a bespoke solution specifically tailored to your current needs?


Take a look at some of the common issues and dilemmas manufacturers face before they implement mobility in their processes:

  • No automation and analytics on shop floor -Shop floor processes lack automation and real time analytics. This affects all areas of the plant. Stock shortages, data loss, slow data processing, material waste and more issues hinder the efficiency of the whole plant operation. 
  • Double entry of data – Data is often out of date due to multiple data entry points before it is finally re-entered into the SAP system. Most of those processes are completed on paper, which adds to the risk of data loss, inaccuracy and additional time to complete/process.
  • Not ready for the big step yet – Manufacturers are aware of the benefits of embracing mobility on the shop floor and many early adopters are already seeing the return on their investment. However, the only known solution for bringing transformation to their own company is S/4HANA and they simply cannot afford it yet or just don’t need to upgrade the whole system.


Sounds familiar? Read further or contact our ERP Mobility experts for a live demo.


Why do you need mobility and Shop Floor Apps in your manufacturing processes?


  • There are some processes you need transformed right now and this is what the shop floor apps give you – bespoke design specifically built to fill in the gaps and focus on the crucial updates today with the option to re-evaluate and add more functionalities/accelerators at a later stage. Then, when you are ready to move to S/4HANA, you simply take the apps with you - the end user will notice no change in the apps.
  • Users benefit from a paperless work environment reducing manual input which results in reducing time, eliminating double entry of data and significantly lowering the risk of data loss or inaccuracies.
  • Tasks and analysis ‘walk and travel’ with you on mobile devices and you can check task lists at any point which increases efficiency and reduces time taken to make decisions.
  • Orders can be tracked right from the entry point through to the end of production. Any progress, delays or issues on the way are shown in real time and can be fixed there and then.
  • Real time reporting and automation on the shop floor can reduce waste of material through accurate stock measurement and production line consumables, live notifications on stock shortage or excess and so on. All this information is available for everyone to access - anytime, anywhere.
  • Consider all your digital transformation options - Instead of investing time and resources to implement a large packaged solution and upgrade your whole ERP, which you simply don’t need at this very moment, you can now choose from industry and business scenario specific solutions, focused on certain functions. Fill in the gaps and tailor the solution yourself (pick and choose).

Contact us for a live demo and a chat over what other benefits there are for your business in particular.



Who will benefit from Absoft’s shop floor apps?


Directors, CxOs, IT department, Production department, Operators, Supervisors, Storemen - Shop floor apps bring transformation to the whole plant.


An example scenario is the Supervisor -> Operator -> Storeman with Absoft Shop Floor Apps where:

  • The Supervisor uses the “Monitor Production Orders” tab to run a report which shows what the issue is; where the delay is; why the order is late; what needs to be done to fix the issue and to get back on track -> Bespoke feature for Absoft Apps. The Supervisors oversee all processes, as they happen, on mobile or desktop, without the need to walk around the plant or wait for data submission.
  • The Operator starts their day with the “My Jobs List” or “My Production Orders” and accurately records the Start, Stop, and Completion of tasks throughout the day – Real life recording of which is visible to the supervisor at the point it has been entered, including job time.

  • The Storeman uses the “Materials controller” pick list for jobs to be done which is fed by the Operators based on which components they would need to complete their “Job List”. The Storeman feeds back to the Operator through the system when the materials have been pushed. And again – automation and real time reporting ensures the accuracy of this cycle and the information is immediately recorded and available in the system.
  • All of the above processes and data can be accessed by Directors / CxO level in real time through the Analytics app -  which allows for more accurate and timely analysis, plus KPI monitoring, at the push of a button. 

And this is just one simple example of how both your shop floor and top floor can benefit from our Shop Floor apps. Contact us to speak to a consultant.


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Why choose Absoft to transform your Shop Floor?


  • We work with you to evaluate your business and employees’ needs and choose what features to add - as a result your apps do exactly what you want them to do.
  • More can be added at a later stage – we start with a template packaged accelerator and add functionalities depending on your business scenarios.
  • Your solution could be ready to deploy in as little as 12 weeks.
  • It can be rolled out to all your plants.
  • In their own words, our clients value our “flexibility, willingness to go the extra mile, full transparency, proactive approach in suggesting and providing the right solution, not just overhead”. Eighty percent of our business is from repeat customers.


Our experts are here to answer all your questions. Contact Absoft to arrange a live demo or for further information.