M&A Transition Services

Improve your investment returns through best practice use of SAP - delivered by the SAP specialists.


In an environment where increasing costs and smaller marginal returns are prevalent, you cannot afford to lose control of any aspect of your CAPEX project. Although SAP® is a powerful enabling tool, its complexity can prove a stumbling block, especially when time is imperative. 

How do you use SAP to enhance your control and agility during business or operational transitions?

Whether you are:

    • Acquiring or divesting assets or subsidiaries
    • Transitioning from exploration to production
    • Mobilising, commissioning or decommissioning assets
    • Undertaking geographic expansion or expanding your service offering

Absoft provides a range of SAP services that will help you better manage these strategic investments for maximum return.

We deliver:

    • Data migration and operational data compliance for the strictest global regulations
    • Best practice SAP design and implementations to meet your time and budget constraints
    • Optimised delivery of SAP configurations, localisation and roll outs
    • Full SAP training and knowledge transfer, whether staff are new or acquiring new skills

Trust the experts

  • When a European oil and gas operator took over a new field in Eastern Europe, they needed to implement SAP quickly in order to get operations moving. With our help they were up and running with their new SAP solution in just 6 weeks instead of the originally planned 12 weeks.
  • A global independent operating company needed to migrate data from their legacy systems into SAP. Absoft delivered the data into their new system with the quality and integrity necessary for safe operations. The client said it was smoothest transition they had ever completed, saving time and money in comparison with previous projects.
  • An international downhole tool manufacturer completed a series of global acquisitions. They used SAP at corporate level but wanted to bring in their acquired regional operations. Absoft was selected to deploy their UK system.  Impressed with the quality of our delivery, they subsequently entrusted us to provide a solution for their problematic French system, as well as further implementations in the US, Australia, Peru, Chile and Mexico.

80% of our revenue is from existing customers. We have the expertise and track record you need. That’s why our customers stay with us.


SPE Offshore Europe 2019


Numerous Oil and Gas companies and professionals will meet in Aberdeen this week for the annual SPE Offshore Europe 2019 event. Absoft is looking forward to hearing the latest North Sea oil and gas news, trends, plans and strategies. As Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures are a major part of our services and an important consideration for many sectors, we will be available for a chat and to answer any questions you might have around the topic. Just say hi to Kirsty Adamson or if you prefer to arrange a one-on-one catch up – drop her an e-mail here: kadamson@absoft.co.uk


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