SAP Data Migration

Expansion, operational transitioning, merger, acquisition and divestment activities are common place in upstream oil and gas. But that doesn't mean they are easy. Or that companies are managing them as well as they could be.

If you don’t have a comprehensive approach for managing investment or divestment based transitions, you could find yourself losing significant value, impacting return on investment.

The complex task of migrating data can trigger a host of conversion and validation issues. Financial, supply chain and equipment data in particular can catch companies off guard.  Without proper use of data integration tools or embedded data quality measures, it’s a challenge to find an elegant solution without negatively impacting your business.

Through our experience, Absoft has developed a set of methodologies and tools that allow us to carry out a highly efficient SAP migration service, tailored to unique business requirements.

Our methodology is called MIGRATE - and it provides the tools you need to work through a range of situations and scenarios involving SAP data migration.

Absofts’ MIGRATE services cover four main scenarios;

  • System separation

A system separation project will allow a newly independent business to run its own SAP system.

  • System merger

A system merger project can be undertaken when two organisations merge and at least one already uses SAP software.

  • Asset disposal or acquisition

An asset transfer project to or from your SAP system, or between two SAP environments.

  • Landscape migration

A complete SAP data migration service when you need to replace ageing hardware, or change to an alternative database platform for your SAP system.

We can also help you assess technology related aspects in order to take advantage of recent developments in hardware, software and infrastructure.

What our service lets you do is get your operations up and running, as quickly and efficiently as possible. At the end of the day, an asset or company which you can’t control and run is of no value to you.

Don’t let data get in the way of capturing value from your strategic capital projects. Call in Absoft, and we’ll help you efficiently manage the data transfer.

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