Local Charities Remain Focus for Absoft

These days, it’s not unusual for major charities to promote their causes via a number of high-profile channels.  Social media campaigns, TV, radio and outdoor advertising together with an on-street presence can combine to create a massive awareness of the amazing work they do.

This is, of course, a real positive for the charities that have the manpower and backing to do so. However, does this have an effect upon the support received by smaller, local charities - who cannot promote themselves similarly?

This is a question that Absoft’s charities committee asks itself every year, and to that end, we ensure that a number of less-well-publicised, local charities are amongst those that benefit from our annual raft of donations.



Donated by the company’s Directors, a proportion of annual profits is given to the charities committee, which is then tasked with identifying the recipient organisations. The committee currently comprises seven members of staff, from across the company, and we take into account a wide range of causes – many of which are close to the hearts of Absoft staff.

From nationwide charities - such as AgeScotland, VSA or Guide Dogs - to smaller, local organisations such as the children's charity, Charlie House, or Willows Animal Sanctuary, Absoft’s charities committee is always looking to provide the assistance that can make a difference in the community, whilst giving our colleagues here at Absoft a real sense of satisfaction.




No request is too small for us to consider. For example, we recently helped fund a school trip for a group of local primary seven pupils; certainly not your standard “charity donation”, but a need that we identified, and something that had a real impact on those who benefited.



We know this, because the organisations we donate to are kind enough to let us know how they feel. For example, recent recipients, The Grampian Flyers, told us exactly how our donation had helped them. Prior to some local press coverage, we were unaware of the team – but that small piece of coverage was read with interest by a member of Absoft staff, mentioned to the charities committee and the result was a donation.

It was great to receive the following feedback from the Flyers’ coach, Grant Wilson:

“This donation is very gratefully received and will go towards funding new athlete-specific wheelchairs to allow our athletes to compete in higher level competitions. We’re hopeful of progressing to national league standings where we can represent Grampian with pride.”

We take pride too; pride in identifying the charities that mean a lot to our staff, clients and local community. At Absoft, we’re lucky to be able to donate to a significant number of causes, and we are always interested to investigate where our donations are best directed. Take a look at the list below, to get an idea of range of organisations we have supported so far this year and perhaps learn more on how you can help as well:



The funds for The Grampian Flyers have been donated as part of the club’s appeal to raise £11,000 for three bespoke chairs which will enable its wheelchair team to compete at national level.

Last season the team finished top of the SBC Wheelchair Basketball League, winning seven of eight matches against established teams from across Scotland. Players and coaches hope to bolster this success with the addition of the new chairs.

Since the Grampian Flyers was established in 2013, several of its players have gone on to represent Scotland at junior, under-23 and senior levels.

Of the donation, Jennifer Brown, Chair of the Absoft Charities Committee, said:

We first became aware of the Grampian Flyers due to the press surrounding the team’s appeal; when we realised just how difficult it was to raise funds for the chairs, we were keen to support.

“Our charities committee partakes and organises a number of activities throughout the year before it decides where to donate monies raised, which has also been fantastic for our team building efforts and fostering our positive company culture.

“We wish The Flyers all the very best in its fundraising efforts and have every confidence in the future success of the club on a national stage.”