SAP helps small businesses to grow

It's a common misconception that SAP ERP solutions are only for global corporations featured in the FTSE 100 index. More and more SMEs, however, are now benefiting from the powerful integration and reporting functionality, offered by SAP to run an efficient and profitable business.

SAP Business All in One is a recognised solution for SMEs, but more recently SAP Anywhere was launched to help small to medium sized enterprises capitalise on front office customer support, e-commerce, inventory management and to analyse business performance. 

SAP Anywhere combines these features into a single cloud-based application, delivering a powerful solution to small businesses, while eliminating the daunting task of managing infrastructure requirements and multiple platforms to interact with customers.

With over 25 years' of delivering SAP solutions across a range of industries, Absoft has also built bespoke solutions which enable small companies to harness powerful SAP functionality to stimulate business growth.

One notable example is Absoft's Advantage Oil & Gas Solution which integrates key project management, finance, HR, supply chain and asset management processes to improve operational efficiency for emerging Operators, as they acquire new offshore acreage.  

There are also SMEs who have already invested in SAP, but do not want to spend more time, money and resource on expensive upgrades.


To gain the most out of their investment in SAP, Absoft has also developed a suite of custom web apps which streamline processes using simple guided workflows, and an intuitive SAP Fiori user interface, via desktop and mobile devices.

These premium web apps negate the need for complex and expensive infrastructure requirements, whilst offering the same core functionality as SAP modules, but with an enhanced user-experience. Absoft's latest self-service procurement web app for instance, offers the same purchase requisition and approval processes available in SAP SRM, but at a lower total cost of ownership.

Today, SMEs now make up 80% of SAP's UK customer base. To find out more about how SAP is supporting SMEs to thrive, contact Absoft: