The Next Generation of SAP Managed Service is here

SAP Managed Service Next Gen Video Don Valentine

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Today we are re-launching our SAP Managed Service!

Watch the video below where Don Valentine, Absoft’s Commercial Director, briefly walks you through 3 improved features of our SAP Managed Service offering and what the benefits are for clients:

While re-building our lives around the ‘new-normal’ there has been a real focus on technology, automation and ‘remote’ operation of businesses. The demand for more secure, digitalised, automated services and processes has been growing and service providers are being challenged to do things faster and better.

At Absoft we’ve been doing the remote thing for years and the team has been working tirelessly to meet and satisfy our customer priorities. We’ve recently made another significant SAP Support service revision and would like to introduce the next generation of SAP Managed Service and tell you a bit more about why we continuously innovate the service.

Why do we put so much focus on continuously innovating our SAP support services?

Countless times we have heard from prospect customers:

  • “Our current provider is just keeping the lights on”
  • “…Is having to repeatedly address and fix the same issues”
  • “all issues are dealt with at the same priority level – we don’t have visibility of the issues that will ultimately have real business impact.”

Gone are the days where your SAP Managed Service provider is responsible for just “keeping the lights on”. It is now more important than ever to partner with a provider who can add value to your organisation. Some of the ways we do that and help make a real impact to business efficiency and revenue growth is by:

  • Prioritizing incidents & reducing incident resolution time with proactive monitoring
  • Monitoring critical business process, both in and outside of SAP
  • Automating the way we do things through self-service and self-healing
  • Reducing cost while still adding value
  • No offshoring; A UK-based team with decades of experience and vast knowledge


How does our SAP Managed Service add value to your business?  

Download the full SAP Manages Service solution brief here

Led by SAP users’ pain points our team has been working tirelessly to meet and succeed customer demand, while continuously providing business-outcome focused services. Our latest innovation where we have re-launched our SAP Managed Service is breaking the status quo of SAP support. 

Our SAP Managed service provides a flexible package that can include both functional and technical support – whether in the cloud, on-premise, or somewhere in between. It is a proactive and highly automated service that gives you full visibility of your end-to-end business processes.

More efficient than ever, our service drives self-healing automation so you never have to fix the same problem twice, and self-service, meaning your requests can be approved and completed with no human interaction required – allowing your team to focus on the things that matter.

Get in touch to discuss how you can get the most out of your SAP through our next generation SAP support services.

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