SAP Managed Service

Providing SAP Managed Services since 1994 we have first-hand experience of how support changes as technology and customer needs evolve. Our regular re-inventions allow us to continuously meet demand for better, more secure, digitalised, automated services and processes. Every customer and their SAP landscape is different, so we continue to build and add value.

Our SAP Managed Service provides complete support coverage for SAP products on-premises and in the cloud, including all SAP functionality, technology, interface management, platform and development requirements.

SAP Managed Service Q&A Session

Watch the video below where our team answers your FAQs around SAP Managed Service and our re-launched offering:
What is covered in the Q&A?
  • Pain points and recurring issues for SAP Managed Service clients in the UK
  • Current market demands and how our service offering meets them
  • Additional innovation we’ve worked on that the UK SAP Managed Service market hasn’t seen until now – and how this adds value for the customer and the business.
  • Our pricing model.

A world with self-healing, predictability and foresight

A re-launched, proactive and highly automated service, keeps SAP running whilst remaining acutely focussed on the business with cutting-edge business process monitoring, self-healing, automation, and self-service as standard. 

Absoft’s SAP Managed Service, uses automation and AI to monitor and predict your most business critical processes, taking care of repeatable tasks to allow your team to focus on what adds value to the business. All delivered from an ITIL aligned, ISO accredited service, with highly-skilled and experienced UK-based consultants.  Absoft will minimise management effort, through collaboration and accountability.

What They Say

Absoft’s track record for delivering value for our clients is unrivalled. Our customers praise our flexibility and ability to integrate with their internal teams.



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