Business Process Review

A well-executed Business Process Review will pay for itself many times over. The time and costs savings you can expect, due to increased efficiency and performance improvements, are substantial.

What is a Business Process Review?

During Absoft's Process Review, we take a holistic view of your business processes across three dimensions and provide solutions to improve performance, helping you to move from your current situation towards an optimum process state.  

Absoft will typically examine the following:

What is involved in a Business Process Review?

During the review, Absofts' Consultants will work with your organisation to identify recommendations that can be made in relation to your SAP system to drive your buinsess processes.

The stages of the review are:

On completion of this exercise, Absoft will work with you to determine which recommendations your organisation would like to proceed with and provide a plan as to how this will be achieved.


Who would benefit from a Business Process Review?  

Any organisation that runs SAP and suspects that it is not getting the most out of its PEOPLEPROCESSES and TECHNOLOGY can benefit from an Absoft Business Process Review.

 You should consider a Process Review if:

  • Your key staff spend more time fixing data or transactional problems than performing their job function
  • You recognise that parts of your organisation have SAP competency issues
  • Key business processes that should be executed in your ERP system are being carried out off-system - often in Excel

A Business Process Review can be carried out on the processes underlying any SAP module, and might also be applied to the interactions between business functions. 

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