Employee Self-Service

At Absoft, we understand that organisations are under ever-increasing pressure to reduce costs and do more with less. Doing more with less implies changing the way things are done – which in turn mean innovating. We believe that self-service is an area where the “more for less opportunity” is tangible.

There are several ways in which we can introduce Self-Service to employees.

The first option we have, is to consider activating ESS (Employee Self Service) & MSS (Manager Self Service). This is functionality that sits within SAP HR, and allows the users to directly update SAP in relation to their personal information. ESS/MSS can be used in conjunction with Fiori/SAPUI5 applications which provides the user with a simplified user interface and allows for a more enjoyable user experience. 


By activating Employee Self-Service, the organisation can benefit from:

  • The employee having personalised access to their data and HR services on any device
  • The employee having the ability to choose how and when they want to interact
  • Automated processes which ultimately will reduce administrative costs, cycle time and error rates
  • A reduction in HR costs per employee by allowing the workforce direct access to their data and HR processes
  • More available time within the HR team to focus on strategic initiatives that can contribute to business goals


The activation of Manager Self-Service brings:

  • Support for managers with the HR-related administrative and planning tasks; such as approving employee leave requests, updating the system with absences, access to the team calendar that resides in SAP
  • Increased productivity within the HR team by setting up a foundation that requires HR teams to only handle exceptions and focus on value-generating tasks
  • Increased Employee engagement- by providing access to streamlined HR and job-related information such as budget and project planning and talent management
  • Reduction in HR cost per employee by empowering managers to efficiently manage teams with direct access to data and processes
  • Reduction in cycle times and transactional costs with automated processes, data and workflows
  • In the long term, it allows the manager to carry out analysis, budgeting, recruitment, compensation, employee development and cost management process on any device.

Having worked with a number of our customers to activate Self-service, Absoft is well versed in working across all industries to help you plan and execute a push towards the Self-service mindset.

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