Is your payroll execution efficient and compliant?

Do any of these pain-points resonate with your payroll set-up and execution?    

  • Complex processes in SAP ERP to gather payroll data
  • An abundance of dated and obsolete wage types in SAP 
  • Consolidating consistent HR info and employee records
  • Retrieving hours of work accurately from multiple systems
  • Calculating legislative pensionable or HMRC requirements
  • Ensuring compliance of statutory sick or paternity pay
  • More manual intervention to correct wage calculations 
  • Data collection encroaches upon a tight execution window
  • Limited time to execute RTI or reconciliation processes 

At Absoft, we understand that pains and pressures that organisations are faced with, when executing their weekly, fortnightly or monthly payroll. With unrivalled experience in helping customers to simplify and automate their complex payroll processes, Absoft have helped our client base achieve efficiency, accuracy and stability of their payroll execution.





Reduction in support tickets raised

Reduction in support hours required

Corrections to wage type properties - some of which are legislative

Reduction in reactive payroll interventions – allowing more time for introducing improvements

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