UK HR/PY Compliance

How is your organisation contending with the UK HR and Payroll compliance crunch?



Don't risk a fine from HMRC!


The HR and payroll compliance crunch taking place in the UK has already impacted several companies, as HMRC has made it clear they mean business when penalising companies who don't strictly comply with new and ever changing requirements. Making sure you fully adhere to legislation while keeping up with the additional duties is no easy task. Many HR departments across the country are feeling the strain.

But you don't need to struggle on alone. Absoft has been implementing and supporting SAP Human Resources & Payroll systems since 1991. We make it our business to stay up to date with all UK HR and payroll legislative requirements, as well as evolving SAP functionality. 

Some of the important benefits of our service include:

    • Identifying key areas for HR & payroll related improvement
    • Ensuring legislative, sector and organisational compliance
    • Reducing the risk of penalties from government bodies
    • Delivering tangible cost savings through process optimisation and SAP system efficiencies

To find out more about our UK HR Compliance service and how we can help your team to rise above the challenges, have a look at our HR & payroll solution brief: UK HR & Payroll Compliance in SAP 

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