Critical Equipment Management

Maintaining and prioritising vast quantities of equipment necessary for upstream operations is challenging. Managing the sheer volume of equipment and reporting data in order to satisfy numerous regulations can be an ongoing, uphill battle.

But with Absofts’ Critical Equipment Management service, you can ensure that your people, assets and environments are safe, and that you meet the most stringent global governance standards. You can easily prove your compliance without the usual difficulty and stress that’s involved.

First, ask yourself:

    • What process do we follow if a fire door doesn’t close in 20 seconds?
    • How do we decide which equipment is more critical?
    • Do we have an up to date closed loop maintenance book at all times?
    • Are we in total control of maintenance, with full visibility at all times?
    • When we identify a problem, what do we do about it?
    • Do we use a best practice method for improving maintenance processes?
    • Are you using SAP Plant Maintenance to its full capacity?

If you can’t answer these types of questions, then you may not operating at an adequate level when it comes to operational safety and compliance.

Absoft has been developing specialist SAP plant maintenance and upstream oil and gas knowledge for over 20 years. Our Critical Equipment Management solution is tailored specifically for the upstream oil and gas sector.

Our expertise is particularly in depth for;

    • NORSOK
    • ISO 14224
    • Norwegian Petroleum Standards Authority standards

If you would like to be proactive in your approach to critical equipment management, we can enhance the functionality in your SAP system to deliver a robust framework.

Our solution will provide a holistic view of the data in your system, and enable you to;

    • Accurately report maintenance tasks
    • Plan your maintenance efficiently
    • Prioritise maintenance tasks and associated costs
    • Monitor trends over time
    • Meet internal performance standards
    • Adhere to external regulations
    • Improve overall equipment efficiency
    • Maximise uptime and mitigate risk
    • Easily prove compliance to external bodies

We are leading SAP plant maintenance experts for upstream safety and compliance. If your operations comply with offshore regulations in the UK and Norway, which is our specialty, then you can operate almost anywhere in the world.

Avoid the risks. Ensure your operations meet the most demanding international standards. Call in the oil and gas specialists by making an enquiry below. 

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