Many industry sectors strive and sometimes struggle to manage the competing dynamics of carrying too much inventory on the books from the point of view of the Finance department verses the requirements of Operations to carry sufficient inventory to support production and demand.

Absoft, have many years of experience of helping our customers to achieve the right balance using SAP and the data held in the ERP system.

In the area of Inventory we have already helped companies achieve the following results;

  • 10% inventory reductions
  • 20% reductions in ‘Stock-outs’ situations for priority 1 work
  • 20% reduction in non-compliance issues
  • Over 5% reductions in spending on bought in rentals
  • 50% rationalisation of 3rd part sites inventory holding
  • Over 10% increase in customer fulfilment KPI’s
  • 10% increase in investment recovery – maximising the value of returns

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