Absoft is based in Aberdeen, Scotland – a centre of excellence for complex logistics. Aberdeen harbour handles 6,500 vessel arrivals and around four million tonnes of cargo annually and Aberdeen Airport is renowned as the world’s busiest civilian heliport.

Our customers trust us to have the necessary expertise to ensure that their SAP systems support the movement of goods domestically and internationally by air/sea/road and rail.

Absoft have built up many years of experience in:

  • Global batch traceability
  • Cross-docking
  • Transportation Planning
  • Customs Status Management
  • Quayside Logistics
  • Mode of Transport/Route Determination
  • RFID/Barcode use in Logistics
  • Freight Forwarder collaboration
  • Rentals management
  • Multi-country routes

Having deployed SAP into over 40 countries worldwide, Absoft also have extensive expertise in dealing with local specifics in Europe, South America Africa and the Middle East.

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