Effective data entry into SAP plant maintenance (SAP PM) software and CMMS is absolutely vital towards safeguarding, people, assets and the environment. 

Absoft's SAP plant maintenance consultants have first-hand experience of the challenges facing operations and maintenance personnel to sustain safe and compliant operations for maximum asset reliability: 


    • Work Order volume and backlog for aging infrastructure and plant
    • An increasing number of maintenance deferrals
    • Complex training for SAP plant maintenance 
    • Integration with SAP plant maintenance and materials management modules
    • Wrench time lost to processing information, data entry and admin 
    • Ineffective equipment RFID tagging and lack of historical references
    • Specialist maintenance teams split across multiple assets and locations
    • Stock outs and long lead times for safety critical equipment
    • Ineffective maintenance planning and scheduling due to inaccurate data entry
    • Unscheduled downtime

As leading SAP specialists for asset intensive industries, Absoft has an extensive track record in the delivery of SAP PM solutions which are proven to optimise processes and tackle these common maintenance challenges. For more information, make an enquiry:

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