What's Your ERP doing for YOU?

With production lines under constant pressure to improve safety, maximise output and drive efficiency measures, have you ever paused to ask the question;

What actually IS my business software doing to help ME?

Is it really delivering on the promise of those early pre-implementation days?

Here at Absoft, we understand how business works. We also know that you will have spent a great deal of time, effort and money on selecting and implementing the right software for your business model. But after that initial “honeymoon period”, it can be difficult to find time to draw breath and examine exactly how this software is enabling YOU to deliver on the business demands now and in the future. Is it really helping you, or has it become merely a system of necessity?

How can Absoft help YOU?

Our business process consultants have long and varied experience in the Production, Manufacturing and Maintenance sectors. Armed with this business experience, and many years as both an SAP End User and Expert, the Absoft Production Process Improvement Service can help you:

1. Improve planning and scheduling of resources

Inaccurate planning and poor scheduling are significant contributors to missed deadlines, maintenance backlogs and general inefficiencies. With the expertise of Absoft consultants, we can help you realise the full potential of the planning and scheduling tools provided by SAP.

2. Facilitate SAP-based business process integration between your production department and;

  • FinanceTransparency of production costs across multiple product lines/sites
  • Quality: Automate inspection routines, reduce losses/scrap
  • Maintenance: Maximise resource uptime, reduce corrective work, drive technician efficiency
  • LogisticsImprove on-time delivery, customs compliance
  • InventoryImprove traceability, tighter control, lower inventory costs

3. Implement SAP-based improvements to User Experience to improve efficiency

In these times of “tap-tap-slide” software, many users find the SAP interface to be a frustrating, time consuming experience. This is especially true of “lite” users who only login to the system periodically during their working hours. Mobile applications and improved front end interfaces can dramatically improve the User Experience and reduce wasted time spent staring at screens in frustration!  

4. Review and optimise your business-critical data

Absoft have over 20 years of data management experience in various sectors. Using our Quality Health Check experience, we ensure that our clients have well trained people, standardised processes and the latest technology. Our Asset Data Health Check equips you with an in-depth understanding of your master data.

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