SAP Training

"Great practical training and hands on exercises."

- Drilling Superintendant, Dolphin Drilling

SAP training is what ultimately enables you to get the most out of your system. You can’t realise the true value of your SAP system without SAP skills embedded within your business.

Regardless of how long your SAP system has been in place, your users need to fully understand how and when to use all relevant system functions. As an added bonus, this will help you avoid unnecessary and labour intensive rectification activities, which are time consuming and costly.

In addition to users’ competency, your management team also needs to understand the full potential of your solution.


Training Delivered by SAP Experts

Our training services are based on in-depth upstream business and SAP software understanding. We deliver the knowledge of how to work within best practice processes, and eliminate any gaps in understanding.

Absoft’s training programmes are delivered by expert SAP consultants with strong credentials, based on leading knowledge of SAP. 


Tailored SAP Training

SAP training always pays dividends – both during the immediate ‘go-live’, and in the longer term. We can deliver complete training, or top-up refresher training.

Before we carry out any refresher training, we analyse your processes and system to identify any bottlenecks and inefficiencies.  We then define a comprehensive training programme to address issues effectively.

We will always work with you to establish the best, tailored course of action based on your current systems and business processes or strategy.

Absoft provides SAP training for every stage of the business lifecycle, including;

    • Mobilising
    • Operational transitioning
    • Company expansion
    • Acquisitions
    • System mergers
    • Decommissioning or divestments

We will provide comprehensive training documentation, training administration support, and written feedback for employees and managers.

Training* can be delivered at your company offices, or at our SAP training facility in Aberdeen.

*Please Note: We only provide corporate SAP training - If you are an individual looking for SAP training please visit: SAP Training and Certification Centre.

If you would like more information on our corporate SAP Training Services, access our range of brochures below, or make an enquiry.

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