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Not ready to upgrade or move to S/4HANA but you need to continue to optimise your SAP based processes? 

Many SAP customers want to sweat their existing ECC asset for a few more years yet – especially since SAP announced the extension of the support for ECC until 2027. We have analysed the “white space” in SAP’s Fiori portfolio available to ECC customers and have identified 8 key areas within which to develop accelerator apps to make a tangible difference to efficient operations.

Available on desktop, tablet or mobile, and proven to run on ECC and the latest S/4HANA platforms Absoft’s apps can help your organisation make step changes to your core business processes now and for the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SAP Fiori is a new user experience (UX) for SAP software and applications. It provides a set of applications that are used in regular business functions like work approvals, financial apps, calculation apps and various self-service apps. SAP Fiori provides all business roles in real time on compatible hand devices. It offers business roles on easy to use functions, simple with unmatched responsiveness on desktop, smartphones and Tablets. Apps based on Fiori are available for SAP customers running ECC systems and they have increasingly become the standard interface in SAP’s new flagship ERP product S/4HANA. Fiori apps replace the primary user interface method SAP GUI.

SAPUI5 is the technology that underpins Fiori web applications and allows them to act as the front end to SAP. They use simple language, collect more accurate data, can be made available offline, and allow the end user to transact in a simpler fashion, enabling the users to become more efficient in their day to day duties.

SAP GUI is an acronym for the term SAP Graphical User Interface which is part and parcel of the presentation layer of most SAP systems in productive use today. SAP GUI has become synonymous with the rather unattractive screens associated with older versions of SAP ERP solutions. The SAP GUI interface is being replaced in the latest versions of the SAP ERP by Fiori apps which are user friendly and certainly more attuned to prevailing mobile phone and tablet-based user experiences.

Mobility refers to the ability to deploy apps on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Offline allows these apps to function without internet access. In the mobile scenario the intelligence underpinning the app is primarily based in the back-end ERP SAP system relying on web connectivity to drive the app behaviours and navigation. For offline apps a sub-set of the intelligence is built into the device itself such that it can capture data even when offline and will sync data to the back-end when you get back in internet range.

Improving UX is not just about making the user interface look better. It is also about reducing the operational costs and enabling users to work more efficiently. Making the complicated simple is the mantra for a good UX app – it’s not just millennials who don’t want to work with clunky systems and UI’s that breed inefficiency and poor data quality.

An app/product is deployable immediately, but generic and not customized to suit your individual business needs. An app accelerator is a framework design where 80% of the app has been pre-designed and built. Absoft have numerous App Accelerators available, and work with you to design and tailor the final 20% to reflect your processes. This enables an accelerated delivery timeframe, without compromising on quality or compatibility of the app with your business.

SAP Fiori Apps significantly enhance User Experience across a multitude of industry sectors. However, there remain “White Space” areas which are industry and process specific, where a customised solution is required, but not resellable at a suitable scale for SAP development and investment. This is where Absoft’s Bespoke Apps come in. 


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